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Cathy sees things that are invisible to everyone else. Her new stepbrother's bizarre behavior. A ghostly little boy. An abandoned house in the woods. But she doesn't see how they're all connected. And what she doesn't see might just kill her.

"In Luisa Perkins's new novel, a teenage girl discovers that a young boy's spirit can shake loose of his body, and she sets out on a daring quest to restore everything to its proper place. Its storytelling is propulsive, taut—without a single unnecessary word—vivid, romantic, and fascinating."
—Glen Nelson, director, Mormon Artists Group

"Dispirited is a deliciously creepy read that will keep readers turning pages deep into the night . . . if they dare. With a brilliant dash of romance, Luisa Perkins has created something for everyone."
—Elana Johnson, author of Possession

"Luisa Perkins spins an eerie web with her haunting tale of a displaced spirit told in tight, lyrical prose."
—Melanie Jacobson, author of The List and Not My Type

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